Friday, October 13, 2023

ITALIA - Stories of old written in monochrome

Ever reflect on how certain activities in your life seem to come and go
like waves in the ocean?  Usually we finish one major project before moving on to the next challenge. It might be several years before you revisit an activity similar to the one you just completed. That's how it goes for me with books and their publishing.

Be it books on travel, photography, or motorcycle sidecar trips, seems like I'll scratch that itch till I'm satisfied, then am off on another project of a different nature.  Makes for a life-fulfilling variety of challenges. And yet, I relish revisiting old passions with a renewed point of view.

After producing eleven books on everything from motorcycle sidecar travel, to folk sayings, to photography, to foreign travel, and then nothing for several years, I now have two books premiering this year. 

In a recent post on 09-28-2023, was the introduction of  SOLITUDE, a lonely story written in monochrome. It laced together ten images captured between 2009 and 2022. Can I say it took 13 years to create look?

Today I introduce my newest, my lucky thirteen;  ITALIA.
It is a travel photography book built around seventy black & white images captured over several weeks while roaming northern Italy in 2022. From the congested boulevards of daytime Rome to the vacant Roman alleyways after dark, from narrow slices of life in Tuscany to a drizzling rain-low fog experience in Venice. Many of the images were captured during our after-midnight walks exploring these beautiful, romantic Italian cities.

Photos always express it better than words. Here are a few sample pages to give you a taste of what it is inside.

The cover...

The first chapter is all about Rome...
a cosmopolitan city rich in history and culture, full of beauty, romance, and mystery.

The second chapter is Tuscany, Florence and San Gimignano
Italian country life at a more relaxed pace, with a vibrant artistic history.

And finally Venice, the third and last chapter. 
 Though it was rainy and overcast most of the time we were there, it undeniably has its unique cache of unforgettable Italian history, beauty, and grace.

So is thirteen the wrap? The end of creating visual stories? 
Not by a long shot! 

Have several in the staging phase and still another simmering on the brain's back burner.

Of course, I need to work in a few sidecar trips so I don't forget how to ride... hmmm that's not possible.

Image making and open road motorcycling, 
wind in the face, seeking vistas that pique the eye.

Life is best lived when awake...



  1. Wow, quite the prolific writer/photographer!

    1. Thank you Dom, you have taken some beautiful photos over the years. Ever thought about putting them in a book? Somethng the grandchildren might enjoy one day.


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