Monday, November 28, 2022

Family Portrait session

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, we staged a portrait session with various family members. 
Here are a few of the results;

Three generations in color

Three generations in B&W

Then we tried individual portraits, 
first my sister, Nancy

Then her daughter, Megan

Wrapping up with Megan's daughter, Madeline

From a photographer's point of view, the 28mm wide-angle lens on the B&W camera 
is not the best for portraits, unless you want a softer image.

Nevertheless, we all had fun creating memories that will last.

Hope your Thanksgiving was relaxing with family and friends.

Ride safe, my friend,



  1. Great portraits CCjon! I myself have not really succeeded in such photography.

    1. Thanks Dom, I'll try my hand at most any type of photography. It's all a learning process.


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