Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Followed Home - Part II

It's a 2018 Honda Goldwing 1800 DCT with a Hannigan Classic convertible sidecar. Was advertised on CYCLETRADER in Pittsburg, PA. with only 606 miles on it. Seller was having health issues and decided he could not use it as he wanted. 

Seller bought the Wing new, shipped it to Freedom Sidecars in Middleburg, PA to have a Hannigan Classic Double sidecar installed. The sidecar was painted to match the bike.
A custom Hannigan designed double wishbone front forks was installed. 
The Honda DCT model is an automatic transmission, no shifting or clutch lever.

The sidecar windshield is tall so the passenger's head doesn't hit the convertible top.  For me it is too tall and never carry a passenger, so have ordered a 6" windscreen and a flat tonneau cover to keep the rain out of the cockpit.

Am getting used to the clutchless shifting. Twist and go... but parking required learning a new habit. On regular motorcycles, we park and leave the bike in gear. That stops it from rolling on uneven ground. 
With the DCT, one cannot park in gear, it automatically goes into neutral when shutting off the engine. Therefore one must pull the parking brake to keep the bike from rolling on a slope, or moving when level. Too often one starts off riding forgetting the parking brake is engaged, causing excessive wear on the brakes. Plus the bike feels like it's dragging an anchor.

Have ordered a larger windscreen for the bike from F4, a highway peg for the left foot, a floor board for the right foot and a back rest. 

Have the East Texas-Louisiana Fall sidecar gathering coming up. That will be a good test ride on the new rig. It needs a nice long ride to earn a name. 

This might be a keeper, will get the fine tuning and tweaking done, give it a whirl, then decide. 

Ride safe y'all.



  1. She's a keeper! What more could you want?

    1. A name, she needs a name to reflect her personality. Suggestions?

  2. Ok, time for coffee at Jan's!! That is a gorgeous machine!!!

    1. Coffee is always on for you. Anytime is great.

  3. That’s a really nice bike! Looking forward to reading about your adventures with it!

    1. Thank you 10LE, am looking forward to rolling on the miles with this one.

  4. Hmmm, I would probably have to fashion some "hard to overlook" reminder that the parking brake is on....especially since the powerful tug can move the rig with the parking brake engaged! She's quite the rig!

    1. Black letters on yellow tape, center posted directly in front of driver... "Release Parking Brake Stupid".

      A dual sport rig she is not. More of a interstate impala, though she's sprung too tight for any dozing.

      Tried it in "Sport"mode, perfect for mountain roads and curves.

      Have a run-flat car tire ready for when the rear needs replacing and Bridgestone BT-46 rear tire for the front.

      Doesn't have all the buttons the early model 1800 Wings had, but still don't know how to input a destination in the GPS. So much too learn.


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