Monday, June 15, 2020

Flowing Water Photos

It rained hard last night so the Red River near Questa was flowing higher and fast today. Here is the result of todays photography work with flowing water. 

Moved a mile downstream, climbed down a steep river bank to get this shot.

Went to another location, but by accident, took a double exposure.  Hmmm...
From that accident, created this moody 1800's looking 
mountain image with a watercolor painting feel.

An accidental double clicking produced a more interesting image than the straight photo.

Everyday we learn something new when we keep experimenting, 
be open to the unknown, pushing ourselves.
If given lemons, make lemonade!

Most of all, never stop learning and growing.

Ride safe and maskerize...?


p.s. Last night the normal sunset was not much to look at, 
but in the north were wonderful lights dancing around in the clouds.


  1. That second pic is quite nice CCjon!

  2. Thank Dom, if one has not personally visited such remote mountain streams, they might not appreciate that photo. I like it too.

  3. Very cool stream flow pics. You're getting so good at this!!! AF skies were one of my favorite things last month :) The Saharan dust is headed to our area and should make for pretty sunsets next week. Although, there won't be any beautiful mountain silhouettes, I am hoping to get some good pics. See you soon!

  4. Thanks Lily, had wanted to learn how to use slow shutter techniques. Now that I know more than nothing, most likely will not dive deeper into it. Is hard to find a story with flowing water. I want the viewer to see a story in my images. Might not be the story I saw, but matters not if the image invokes a dialog in their mind.

    Heading back to Texas soon.


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