Saturday, June 6, 2020

Color vs B&W

Am self-teaching this week, watching various instructional photo editing videos, 
then experimenting on which approach makes for a stronger image: 
Color    or    Black & White. 

Tell me what you think.

First image, Peruvian Pan Flute street musician

Flipped the image and reworked in B&W

Is interesting to note the viewer's points of focus shift from what they see in the color image to something different in the B&W image.

Image #2
Houston marathoner, Mile 23, Floating on Air.

The bright shoes contrast with the dull grey walls of the underpass. 
A person commented on the dark stripe/wall, it appears she is running into...

B&W image. the dark wall is removed along with the bright shoes. Now the focus is more on the runner and not the shoes.

Image #3

Solar Voyager is a B&W image previously displayed here, but not the original color print.

Stripped of color, the sky and background recede, the focus shifts 
to the various shades of grey standing figures.

Image #4
Skógafoss in Iceland

Lost the original color shot, but here is the finished B&W landscape image. There are three photographers standing close to the base of falls which gives you some idea 
of the fall's scale.

Not standing too close as the mist was freezing cold, quickly spotting the camera's lens. 
The fall's mist and spray created the spidery web of ice on the black rocks.

Working in B&W has its own set of challenges. Some original images easily convert to B&W, actually improving their impact for the viewer. Yet other color images do not convert well,
even with a lot of editing. 

Deciding which approach to use is the photographer's / artist's choice and challenge.

Will continue my studies here in New Mexico for another week before returning to Texas.

In case you think I have no time for play, I did bring the BMW sidecar rig with me. 

Ride safe, and sanitize



  1. First pic, the warmth lent by color made me favor it more. The last two pics evokes the imagery delight and drama I experienced when looking at LIFE magazine’s early covers! Nice work!

  2. On the Peruvian gent, I prefer the B&W because it almost makes the microphone disappear. It brings the musician to the fore. On the runner, the color shot. I like that it calls attention to the shoes. That's the point where she appears to be running on air. To my eye, the effect seemed lost on the B&W version.

    1. Hey Tony,

      Guess I better try reworking the color runner image. Vote tallied.


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