Sunday, May 3, 2020

Photos from Reykjavik

Seems life has been very busy lately, finally carved out a few moments to put a better edit on some of the Iceland photos. First from Reykjavick...

Dogs need walking too..

Fishing boats at dock...

Wandering around the docks, spotted this welder repairing a bulkhead hatch.

In English it's called the Solar Voyager, looking across the inlet of Reykjavik 
to distance snowy slopes.

From this angle, it appears to me that the vikings in the langskip, after a long sea voyage, 
stood up, yelled and cheered, celebrating the sighting of land.

For an artistic shot from downtown Reykjavik...    of all things, a gas station.

Next will post up photos from outside the capital city of Iceland,,, when I finish editing them. 



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    1. Thanks Richard, had fun working with these images

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Dom, am still experimenting with editing software to find what all it can do. I find it is too easy to over do it.

  3. I particularly love the black and whites with a small splash of color thrown in!

  4. Sorry, I'm logged into my Lone Star College account. "Blog Manager" is me - Jerry

    1. No matter how you made it in, you're always welcome.


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