Friday, April 17, 2020

Project Warthog: Camper Opened

In response to a request to see the side camper opened, here are a few shots 
I took before the rains arrived.

Though the Rocket 3 is a huge heavy motorcycle, with the camper opened up,  it doesn't look so big.

A perfect camping spot: planes, trains and trucks within ear shot.... 
next to mosquito infested standing water in a ditch...
on top of clay dirt waiting to mix with the rain water tonight...
What's not to like?

Am not camping here, just a set up for the photos, then we move on.

The camper door has a small swing up table attached, just big enough for my laptop,  
or to set my coffee cup on in the morning.

The camper looks small for my height, but if I sleep diagonally, I don't touch the canvas at night. 

A new addition to the rig, the mascot...
leading the chase...

Ride safe, stay safe and healthy, y'all



  1. So, any plans for solar panel to charge up your electronics or will you run an inverter while riding to charge the electronics?

    1. Still pondering the idea of a solar panel. Only issue is... it would cover my north america maps that are tracking the states and provinces visited. Will post up a photo of the maps next time.

      I have a small inverter that plugs into an outlet in the top case to recharge the laptop while riding.

  2. I think the Rocket 3 fits the camper well, size-wise. Very nicely done!

    1. Thanks Richard, with the fine tuning, the rig handles surprisingly well for its size.

      Still have to test the aux tank and plumbing.


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