Sunday, January 19, 2020

48th Annual Houston Marathon

Joined a small group of photographers to take in the running of the Houston Marathon today. The weather was cool, windy but bright and sunny.

Being my first venture into photographing marathoners, was a great learning experience. 
Following are a few of the shots I like. Let me know which ones you like.

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The handicap cyclists start out first. Each cyclist has a safety officer immediately behind them as there are numerous trucks and vans equipped with video equipment on the route filming the marathon leaders. 

Photographers were lined up along the route to catch the action. 
All looking for that perfect shot.

On an up hill portion racers slow down so taking their picture is easy with little blur.

There is no pedaling on those rigs. All 100% arm muscle to move you along.
Would not wish to arm wrestle one of these folks. 

Liked the play of light in this simple shot.

Then came the runners, one by one...
There was a large gap between the top marathoners and the also rans

then small groups appeared ...

Many runners would let someone else set the pace while they do their best to keep up...

Stationed myself on an uphill portion of the marathon, mile marker 22. 
Runners are getting winded, having exhausted their energy reserve by now. 
It shows in their faces.

Many have "hit the wall", dropping out before reaching this point.

Keeping a fast pace...

Determination and will power is what keeps them going at this point.

You have to wonder... did she complete the final two miles? 
I hope so.

Running with a support group of friends helps one to tough it out.

And my favorite shot of the day...

Running on Air

At mile 22, she did not look tired. Her step was high and light as she floated along.
She ranked among the top finishers.

Hope you enjoyed the marathon as much as I did.  
Of the hundreds of photos taken, these are the ones that made the cut.

See you on down the road.



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  2. These are awesome!! I love the black and white! I like the column shadows on one of them in particular.
    The small group one is powerful and you mentioned how many runners use other runners to keep the pace. Reminds me of the quote."If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." The fact that it is black and white allows them to be seen as a group. Nobody stands out for bright colors they may be wearing.
    My very favorite is the last picture. It's beautiful. I like how she is not right in the center of the picture, almost like you are running along with her. Smart of you to choose a mile marker closer to the end of the race. I believe that is when you get to SEE the sheer willpower of these runners to finish. You captured that so well.
    I really hope these runners get to see these. They are beautiful. Great reminder that we can all do hard things :)

    1. Thank you for those keen observations. If you could feel for the runners in the photos, then I know I accomplished what I was seeking.

  3. Can you see this comment?

    I like the black and white shots.

    1. Just to add confusion, I’m using Safari...

    2. Thanks Richard, hope you guys are enjoying Arizona.

      Yes, Google and Safari must have shook hands agreed on something, as this week they are playing nice with each other. A few weeks ago I was getting comments via emails that people's comments were not appearing. Will remove the above statements as the problems looks to be corrected.

      Thanks for the heads up.

  4. Nicely done on the capturing of the "moment" for each runner pictured!


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