Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Christmas Lights & more

Joined a group of fellow photographers in visiting an area where the stores decorate for Christmas. A good place to practice night photography, playing with lights, motion and the festivities.

First, the Wine Store, 
Didn't go in, sorry.
When the lights are of varying intensity, it is hard to not get blow outs. 

What is Texas without a Hat store?
Something peaceful about this shot...

 Or Handmade Boots? Another iPhone shot.
It still amazes me how advanced the phone cameras are today. Why lug around a big heavy expensive camera when you can capture 90% of your photos with what you use to receive 
auto warranty robo-calls.

Reality stays outside, Fantasy is inside.
Or is it the other way around? Which is real?
another iPhone photo...

Dos Equis Honky Tonk in the Christmas spirit
Nothing like Christmas carols and cold beer...

Can be down right dangerous at night.

 Yellow lights, Silent night in the barrio

And of course we can't forget a little motorcycle porn. 
Not mine but wouldn't mind owning it.

Merry Christmas ya'll
2020 is already shaping up to be an exciting year. 
Stay tuned for more travels, photos and adventures.



  1. Merry Christmas CCjon, does your iphone shoot in RAW format? Mine is a 6 and too old, otherwise, it probably would be what I use for most photos.

    1. Dom, the iPhone shoots in jpg only, or video. I tried doing video a while back, but found it too time consuming to edit properly. The internet is awash in poorly edited videos, I did not wish to contribute to the clutter. So I'll stick to cluttering the still shot

      After five years with a six, we gifted each other with new iPhones for Christmas. It's not just the camera, but also the editing software built in that amazes.

      We'll discover what one can do with all this technology in 2020. Which is great to have, at the same time keep reminding myself, the camera doesn't take great photos. It's the person caressing the shutter button who makes great images.

      Happy New Year

  2. Jan, you have inspired me to explore the art of post-processing! I have a more basic Android phone but I discovered I can install separate camera software so I installed the Google Camera app. That allows me to take raw and jpg images at the same time so I can play with both. And I also discovered the Snapseed image editing app - very powerful, free, and available for all OSs.

    Ooooh, I'm afraid you are going to cause me to spend a lot of time on this stuff!!!

    1. That's good news Jerry. I think you will like how your photos look with a few touches. The first, and most important post-production tool you have is the Crop Tool. You create your composition with that tool. After that, it's fine tuning the image to dial what you want the viewer to see.

      Have read good reviews on Snapseed, looking forward to seeing your photos.


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