Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Adobe Churches

Yesterday decided to ride a loop looking for country adobe churches in this part of New Mexico. These are not the famous historical structures as in the last posting, 
but what the locals have build for their daily worship services.

Near Peñasco Pueblo, a small boxy abode structure: Nuestra Señora de la Asuncion

Near Guadalupita with an active graveyard out front, 
a bright modern church: Nuestra Señora del Niño Jesus.

... a small modest church in Rio Lucio: no name posted.

Not all the churches I found are still used, some are abandoned. 

Found it interesting that the steeple cross is gone, yet the heavy bell is still hanging in the tower. Surprised it has not been moved to a church that could use it. It is very common for alters, railings, pews or other unique or sacred church artifacts be moved and incorporated in a replacement church. 

And some churches are beyond the point of rebuilding.

In Dixon, the old adobe San Antonio Mission church was abandoned, 

... in favor of it's replacement built next door. 
Note the cross has been moved from the old structure.

I did get off the sidecar rig to step inside a small old capilla in Mora, NM. This was the church before they build a big modern building next door. The simple capilla with its decorative alter is preferred for daily worship by the older members.

Outside on a hot dusty side street in Mora, I met Don Patricio. 
Born 87 years ago in Guadalupita to a farming family, now his declining health worries him.
Says he does not want to live much longer. The pains in his body are unbearable. 

Finished today's riding loop by taking the busy highway back to Taos,  
then the twisting winding road up to Angel Fire.

No photos of the sidecar today, just the adobe churches I found...   and Don Patricio.

Be safe y'all, God speed.



  1. Don Patricio looks like he's been around the block more than a few times.....hope he finds a way to alleviate the pains. Nice tour of the small churches....interesting they didn't move the bell, perhaps too much work for the gain...I would imagine someone would have at least thought of salvaging it for the metal. Then having been part of sacred ground....probably off limits in most people's minds.

  2. Re the bell. Another shot from the side showed the roof of the church caved in. From a practical point, many probably worried if the roof would support them AND the bell if they tried to remove it. Using a crane with a long boom would be the answer, but that wouldn't fit discreetly with the midnight shoppers.

    Am sure some are thinking, be patient, the rotting timbers and the weight of the brass bell will bring it down to ground level soon enough. Arson might even speed it along, but that would attract too much attention.

    Am sure Don Patricio has not had the best health care during his rough hard life. We all have aches and pains as daily reminders of foolish stunts we did when younger. Remember those "here hold my beer and watch this....." stunts!


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