Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Heights and Lights

The weather recently has been nice, almost spring-like. So Grey Phantom and I went exploring some of the new urban landscape in our area of Northwest Houston. 

In Texas they stack the overpasses higher and higher every year. Is there a competition among highway engineers to see who can build the tallest highway structure?
Won't be long, we will be seeing Boeing 747's flying at eye level when we cross an overpass.

If you note the flat profile rear tire on GP,
am experimenting with an auto tire to see if I can get longer tire life,
i.e. more miles with it than with a standard motorcycle tire. 
The jury is encouraged, but still out.

 GP in the shadow of an overpass, perfecting on its' urban punk rocker stance.

A new light bar in mounted on the front of the cargo box.
The reflective safety tape on the rig pops out as a bright white bar.
Hopefully it will pop out to other drivers too. Anything to be noticed so texting drivers can't claim
 they didn't see me after running over GP.

Have upgraded the front driving light from two small LED lamps to a bar LED.
Here is the old light set up. Above you can see the new bar light.

The new LED Headlamp on low beam and side running light.

HIGH LED Beam and LED Light Bar both on...
rather blinding.

Low beam

High beam with LED light bar, a major improvement in lighting.

And to wrap up todays post is a shot that makes one stop...  ponder...  reflect.

A photo can be a snippet of shiny chrome or 
a deeper essay with pathos and challenge that defy words to describe. 

What's a great photo, if not a story?

Ride safe today



  1. That's a great amount of lumens coming out of the new lights! I hate driving at night so haven't really pursued brighter lights than what I have now on the rigs.

    I like the first pic best. The last pic seems "troubling". Is the owner of the wheelchair the guy sitting on the steps?

    As to using a car tire on the back of the KLR, that's great! I had one on the back of my V-Strom rig and it hadn't shown any signs of wear after a year and a half of riding!

    1. The last photo provokes questions... that you can answer however you wish. A story without an ending. I don't care for set up fake or composed photos. I shoot the street as I find it, what you is see what I saw.

      The car tire is a donut space-saver, the only size that will fit on a stock KLR rim. They don't have much tread when new, so we'll see how many miles they can go before need replacing. They are also rated for 55 mph on a heavier vehicle , which is about the speed I ride with this lightweight rig.

    2. A donut spare tire eh? I thought max speed was perhaps 50 mph and only for a limited distance? Not sure.

  2. Great black and white shots!!! Last photo makes for a great use of the imagination....made me think of this quote, "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." - Lao Tzu

    1. Thank you 10LE, That last shot is as if you opened a novel, read one page then closed the book. You don't know the beginning nor the end of the story. Leaving one to only imagine the how and where.


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