Sunday, September 11, 2016

Snapshots from Colombia 2016

Just returned from a visit to Colombia for a family gathering. Here are a few snapshots from our two weeks there.

                       Modern commercial and residential skyscrapers are very common in Bogotá. 

Close up of building workers. 
If you doubt Colombians sense of patriotism, the colors of the country's flag are yellow, blue, red, 
the same colors and in the same order as the three buckets the workers are using. 

One can still find colonial tile roofed stucco homes scattered among the modern high-rises. Because Bogotá is ringed by mountains, the demand for buildable land is insatiable. Land prices are rapidly appreciating as the city population continues to swell.

Typical lunch of chicken, beef, maiz, papa, yucca, arepa y sopa.

If that looks unhealthy, Colombians eat flavorful fresh fruit every morning.

Since traffic congestion is the daily norm, walking or bicycling is the fastest way to your destination if not going too far.  Special bike paths were established to facilitate the mobility.  Lane splitting by motorcyclists is the norm.

In spite of overcast clouds and light rain, everywhere one looks are color and points of interest. 

Street jugglers hoping for a few coins

Am still playing with the B&W photos seeking the right elements. 

A different corner, a different juggler.

Transit policemen ride in pairs on a Kawasaki KLR250. In Colombia, you must have your motorcycle license number on your helmet in large letters.

Stuck in traffic next to the abandoned train track. 

Water on display

And more drizzling outside. 

As the Colombians say...

Hasta luego, Vaya con Dios.



  1. That requirement about having one's license tag on one's helmet, interesting. How do motorcycle riders who are just transiting through the country do it? Temporary stickers?

    1. Dom, not sure about that. Will check into it.

  2. Great shots, Abu. That lunch spread made me hungry! Love the last picture of the drizzle outside. Nice detail. Glad you two had a nice time and are back safe.

    1. Thank you, hope one day your family can visit there.


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