Saturday, August 13, 2016

Random Shots

Visited one of my favorite spots to snap a few pics the other day.

 The Grey Phantom and Leo the lion. 

a B&W shot I like

Returning home - A Texas sunset.

Did not mention in the previous posting about the wheel problems experienced enroute to New Mexico.  A hot sweltering day, stranded 70 miles south of Amarillo in a rest area on Hwy 285. 
Hmmm...  a not unfamiliar predicament to be in. 

However this time it was not the sidecar rig that had the wheel problem, but the borrowed trailer the rig was riding on. A wheel bearing overheated and welded itself to the axle.  Generated a lot of smoke as the trailer fishtailed back and forth until I could get it stopped.  
A good samaritan 70 miles away in Amarillo opened his heart and shop to repair the trailer and get me back upon my way, on a Saturday night, hot and humid Fourth of July weekend.  Thank you Jeff. 

Some people know how to train a good dog.  Me, I just feed them and scratch 'em behind their ears. 

Speaking of training, three year old Adrian has already picked out "his" helmet 
and wants to adventure with Abu.  Soon Adrian, soon. 

Parting shot....  

Someone posted a picture on the internet of a sidecar I would love to own.
A two wheel drive Ural with a BMW K engine. Ural ruggedness and BMW reliability. That engine is known as the velvet hammer, smooth and strong. You could go anywhere in the world with that. 

Only to sadly discover it's a photoshopped picture. No such rig exists....yet.

Ahhh, one can only dream, right? 

and that's what life is all about... 

Dreaming...  then pursuing your dream. 



  1. You had me going there, a 2WD Ural rig with a K Bike engine would surely be something else!

    Nice set of random shots, too bad about the trailer wheel but glad you got it under control with no major issues and kudos to the good samaritan, Jeff.

    I think your grandson Adrian will make a fine rider one day.

    1. Like photoshopped pictures of female models, it raises one's expectations to an unrealistic level. On the other hand, if plugging a K engine into a Ural were possible, you would have smooth reliable power to motor anywhere. Plus unparalleled bragging rights at every Ural gathering.

      Only need time and $$$ to do it. A project for Jay's Garage.

  2. "No such rig exists...yet" Love that "yet" in the end. I know if anyone can make it happen, it would be you!
    Great pics, Abu! Love the sunset pic.
    Adrian is really looking forward to the very "soon" prepared :)

    1. Guess I better start shopping for a sidecar to carry Adrian then... he can be my "monkey" (the term for a sidecar passenger).

  3. What ever happened to the trip from Chile north? I thought I remembered reading something about that a few years back when the KLR rig was being assembled.

    1. Good question, the SA adventure is on the back burner right now. You are right, the KLR rig was built for the South America redo. After falling sick in Russia last fall, the 2015 departure was cancelled, calendars had to be re-juggled. This year family/business are center stage.

      There are now two planned adventure rides competing to see which will happen first. The KLR is for SA, the other will require a different rig. An unusual adventure rig is now being built for me in Claude Stanley's shop. Delivery date unknown as they have never built one like this before. Weld by braille they call it.

      Keep dreaming, then pursue those dreams.

  4. Great pictures, thanks for the share!

    1. Dean, thank you and welcome to the horizon


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