Sunday, December 14, 2014

Colombian Wedding

Last month, Amparo, my BB (Beautiful Bride), and I traveled to Anapoima, Colombia to attend her nephews wedding.The setting was at Los Altos de Chicala, a private club in the lower mountains of central Colombia. Lower means warmer temperatures than Bogota which can be quite cool, even cold. Anapoima is sunny, warm and tropical.

Every morning there was fresh tropical fruit, omelettes and Colombia coffee for breakfast in the open air dining area.

The popular pool area during the day was to be the dinning area for the wedding guests.

Lush greenery and candles decorated the tables.

The soon to be ex-SeƱorita Calle is escorted down the aisle by her proud father, Luis.

As the sun set on coffee trees dotting distant mountains, vows were exchanges under a white canopy while musicians filled the cooling breezes with romantic melodies.

Freshly married, happy and blessed, are Susana Calles de Rueda and Jaime Andres Rueda. Their new lives together, born in Colombia, will start in Houston, Texas.

Candles lit, silverware set, tables await the couple and their guests.

Even the pool was lit up for the occasion. Soft music while guests dined was replaced with fast paced Colombian music for dancing. Dancing and celebrating continued until 3 AM. 

Celebrating a distant wedding with family and loved ones is always a joyous occasion. More important was the opportunity to renew, refresh and cement relations with distant family through the telling of stories, jokes, remembering the past and looking toward the future. Welcoming new members to the family, the circle grows. Remembering those who are no longer with us, the circle shrinks. The circle of family is ever changing, enriching our lives, giving it depth, heartaches and joy.

Amparo and I had a fabulous time, thanks to the open hearts and homes of her family.

Too soon we were back in Houston. Work awaiting, stacked high in the office. Now to get the house ready for the holidays with our sons and their families, and a little shopping too.

Happy holidays to you and your family from Amparo and I. 

p.s. Next post will be street scenes from Bogota.


  1. Looks like a great event ccjon! The photo of your lovely wife and you was very nice.

  2. Nice photos. The wedding venue looked wonderful. I've heard a lot of great things about visiting Columbia.

  3. What a beautiful setting!! Congratulations to the new couple! You and BB are looking very nice!! Looking forward to see you all very very soon :) Much Love!

  4. Now that the political climate has improved, it is a pleasure to visit Colombia again. Bogota is clean, no trash blowing around, no beggars, no petty crime. Felt safe every place we went.

    Now if they could do something about the potholes..........


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