Thursday, November 20, 2014

Meet Da'mu, the white whale

Introducing Da'mu, son of Da'mit, sired by Shamu II*.  He is a great white whale of a motorcycle rig. On the open road, a killer of interstate miles and miles and miles to go

This 1994 Honda Gold Wing GL1500 motorcycle with a Champion sidecar was waiting for me in Belton, Texas at what I thought was a reasonable price. For a twenty year old machine with 58,000 miles, it was in great shape. The test ride revealed however it would need a few repairs, adjustments and modifications for my intended use. As always and once again, one underestimates the actual $$$ and time for modifications, adjustments and repairs.

By now Da'mu has doubled in cost to own and set up properly for Iron Butt challenges. He is 96.7% ready for some serious long distance riding.

Some of the maintenance repairs were to clean and adjust carbs, sort out electrical gremlins, replace auxiliary fuel tanks and change all the fluids and filters.

The modifications for long distance riding were:
First was to go to the darkside, by installing an automobile tire on rear wheel, a rear motorcycle tire on the front and replace the automobile tire on the sidecar.
Then remove sidecar windshield and have a custom rain cover made for less wind resistance. i.e. better gas mileage.
Next was to replace the three gallon auxiliary gas tank with a five gallon tank so I would have more saddle time between fill ups.
Added Rigid LED driving lights for better nighttime visibility.
Mounted a larger display GPS and iPhone mount.
Removed the CB audio system, replacing it with a solid mount for the map case and tank bag.
Finally changed the front rake with an EZ Steer for less tiring all day riding.

Da'mu does not have two wheel drive or the higher ground clearance of Da'mit, but he does have reverse. We are now mapping out destinations, routes almost ready to roll.

So if you are wondering exactly where we are planning to go on our first big adventure together, let me give you a hint....

So many empty boxes to fill in and so little time... come May 2015, we hit the road, Da'mu and I.

Ride safe, ride long and have an adventure or two.


* For those questioning minds, the original Shamu was female.  Shamu II was a male.


  1. Dang Jon, that's one hell of a rig! What's the gross weight limit?

    1. I think I can put a hot tub in the sidecar and still be under

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Richard. Am not a big fan of chrome, so I deep-sixed the hideous chrome pie plate front disk covers and a few other pieces.

  3. Forgot to mention, not sure what top speed is, but at 80 mph is stable and smooth. Can now pass the big trucks and not have to breath their diesel exhaust.

    Sure gulps gas like a wino when flying low though.

    1. I meant to ask where you put the aux tank? Fuel cell under the car?

  4. Installed in trunk of sidecar with a transfer pump to the main tank. A switch on the handlebar activates the pump. Just have to watch and not overfill the main.

  5. Wow! Nice Ride! Looking forward to reading about the adventures you two go on!

  6. 10LE, you and the boys can go for a ride in Da'mu... soon! Looking forward to seeing everybody XOXO


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