Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Favorite Photos of 2023

Two thousand and twenty-three was both an interesting and challenging year. I had committed myself to only use a black and white camera for twelve months starting in October of 2022. However I still used my iPhone now and then when a camera was not available or when a color image was called for. 

By focusing on black & white, or monochrome images, I forced myself to improve my skills in seeing shapes, lines, forms and texture. All of which are builkding blocks for making a better, stronger image.
In all, am satisfied with the photos captured and the improvements made in 2023.

Now lets see the results, start with a few color images.
Only two photos in the final selection had no people in them. Of late, I tend to photograph people I encountered on the street or at some event. Many strangers will posed for me if asked in a polite way, and others were captured without their knowledge when an opportunity presented itself. Now and then again I'll photograph a landscape or create a travel photo, such as...

 Old Wooden Pier
Seal Beach, CA

and then it's back to... people.
Hempstead Cowboy

Mexican Vaquero
Hempstead, TX

F. Fellini Family Matriarch

Young and Old
Valladolid, Spain

Five thirty AM, where is my choir?
Hempstead, TX

Political Street Demonstration
Plaza Major, Spain

Five O'clock somewhere... Street Cafe
Valladolid, Spain

A tribute to Edward Hopper, 
Spanish Nighthawks
Valladolid, Spain

Hot Havana Nights

Five AM Prayer Time
Hempstead, Texas

Now we get into the monochrome photos.

White Sands Solitude
New Mexico

Small Town Taxi

Young Love
Havana Cuba

Cooling Off
Havana, Cuba

Building Tobacco Drying Shed
Valle Viñales, Cuba

Adapting the new to the old, Oxen Cart
Valles Viñales, Cuba

Childhood Memories
Central Texas

Street and Model Portraits

Red Beard
Valladolid, Spain

Sister Sister
Valldolid, Spain

French Chef
Valladolid, Spain

Retired and Happy
Burgos, Spain

Havana, Cuba

Street Performer
Havana, Cuba

Aspiring Model
Houston, Texas

Jerry Brown, Photographer
Fayetteville, Texas

Juergen, a German Businessman
Havana, Cuba

Porkpie Hat Blows Jazz
Valladolid, Spain

Havana Social Club

Popular Cuban Entertainer
Havana, Cuba

Salsa Moves the Soul
Havana, Cuba

Dancing in Sync
Havana Social Club

No, No, No
Havana Social Club, Cuba

And those are the ones that made the final cut out of the couple thousand photos taken in 2023. 

In 2024 we return to color photography but still occasionally making B&W prints.

Ride safe, see you on down the road,



  1. Jon: I love that tribute to Ed Hopper.

    1. Thank you, glad you found it interesting

  2. The first pic is my favorite, CCjon. As to shooting portraits and people, you've got quite the eye Sir!

    1. Luckily I had my iPhone with me that day to capture those waves rolling in under the pier. Thank you for admiring these images.


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