Sunday, September 3, 2023

July 4th Parade

Still learning how to utilize the strengths and weaknesses of a monochrome camera.

A foggy morning walk around the neighborhood lake offered this shot. 
The geese are still in the grass, the water surface still undisturbed.

Jerry Brown is a Black and White photographer with many years of experience. 
He freely critics my work and offers suggestions, which I heed. 


Then the 4th of July parade rolled around. 
Have been training Chuy (Chewbaca) to ride in the sidecar in preparation for the parade.

So Chuy, Adrian and Alex shared the sidecar for the parade, tossing candy and waving to friends.

On a sad note for me, Chuy has gone to live with Adrian, Alex and their two dogs. They puppy-sat Chuy for a few days while we were on a trip. He had so much fun running and playing with their two dogs, it did not seem right that he would not have that level of activity and stimulation living with a couple of senior citizens. 
Now I go visit him every so often. He knows me and loves licking my face. But when it comes time for me to leave, he shows no interest in going with me. He is happy in his new home.

They said he loves watching movies with them, barking at coyotes and vampires. 



  1. Think about it this way CCjon, Chuy is happy and your travel logistics are simplified....

    1. True words... Chuy loves watching and interacting with movies while the other two dogs ignore the screen. Sittng and watching someone at their computer for hours on end is not very entertaining to a dog full of energy.


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