Wednesday, April 19, 2023

CUBA BABY: Havana Day Five - Final Photo Workshop Day

Looks to be another hot sunny Sunday in Havana. 
Was over 92 degrees yesterday, is expected to reach 94 today.

This final day of the photography workshop, we focused on using natural light 
to create dramatic casual portraits.

Holger from Berlin is our model.
Determining the right camera settings is a challenge 
when working with both strong bright light and deep shadows. 
The tropical sunlight is Cuba is strong and bright,
creating those contrasting heavy shadows.

A second shot, working the light.

Then it was, let's take a walk. 

The streets were not as busy or crowded like on Saturday. Could be since today is Election Day in Cuba. The schools were polling places with students in school uniforms working the process. Decided to not try photographing the polling places, best to stay low-key and away from
 any "official government type" of activity. 

In the middle of the day, a lone lady drags a shopping cart uphill in the empty street.

We stumbled across an abandoned Provincial Courthouse built in 1910. 
The gate was unlocked so we explored the inside.

Old deteriorating buildings like this make for interesting photos,
just watch your step.

A roof-less courtyard allows light to stream in.

These do not look like an original stairs,  were added later?

Down the block were two split window sedans waiting for restoration, or to be stripped further for parts.
Could not determine the age or manufacturer of these vehicles.
Does anyone recognize them?

The steel bodies appear to be good candidates for restoration, 
finding working running gear might be the bigger challenge.

These neighborhood kids wanted their photo taken. They asked which magazine their picture would be found. Informed them, they would be famous in the world of sidecars.

Here you go Lila, Alex and Raul, you are now published and famous.

We wind up this slow hot lazy day with a photo of a bouquet...
 a bouquet of Montecristos.

Apropos for Cuba don't you think?

In the evening we dined at the home of our Doctor friend Rafael. His daughter and I bonded immediately. 
Doc told her Grandfather was coming for dinner.
Carmen is five years old.

Maybe it was the small bag of candy I brought for her that won her over?
I know, suspicious looking old men handing out candy to babes.

Tomorrow we join the Ural Club for a ride out into the country for a social event.
We are looking forward to getting out of the city and meeting the club members.

Till then... ride safe.

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