Saturday, January 28, 2023

2022 Photos in Review - Part A

Whew... 2022 was quite a year for photography. While learning to work with a new Black & White camera as well as keeping the old SONY clicking, seems we captured several thousand images last year. Well, not seems, we did take over 4000 photos.

Then to sort which best represents the year, took some time, 
reviewing, editing then discarding the also-rans.
Hope you enjoy this recap of 2022 images,
 so here we go.

Starting with Alex's escape.

That decisive moment when Alex grabs his kindergarten diploma, 
then tries to sneak away 
in the wrong direction.
His expression is priceless.

 Downtown Houston at dusk
Not bad for an iPhone photo

The shopping mall

Desert Princess - Imperial Dunes, California

Mexican street beggar - Tecate, Baja California

Mexican Fisherman - Todos Santos, Baja California

           Mexican Mechanic  - Bahia de Los Angeles, Baja California

Pacific beach near Todos Santos, Baja California

Baja Fishing boats at sunrise, Baja California

Pacific Sunset - Lost Whale Inn, northern California

Rome - Vatican Priest late for mass

Rome - Bicycling the busy streets

Rome - Old Jewish Ghetto

Rome - Fountain at night

Rome - Illuminated Stone Columns

Rome - Vatican staircase

Rome - Empty Spanish Steps,  4 A.M.

Rome - Exploring the back streets - 5 A.M.

That's enough for now, next post will be
 Part B, the rest of the 2022 favorite photos.


  1. Such epic pictures CCjon! Epic! Looking forward to part B

    1. Thank you Dom, will wrap up Part B asap.


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