Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Project Warthog: The Rocket comes home...

The Texas Sidecar Company wrapped up their end of the project, time to bring the Warthog home to continue the work building my three wheeled adventure RV sidecamper.

The left side of the Rocket shows where the sub-frame is mounted in three spots: top, middle and lower. The latter two are bolted through the engine giving a very solid mount.

On the opposite side, the vertical upright is connected to the top cross over pipe, the middle engine bolt and to the lower subframe. Two upper struts branch off of the upright.

The two upper struts

The two lower struts are adjustable both horizontally and vertically.  The lower bolt was left long until we make the finally adjustments with the rig fully loaded. 

All of the upper and lower strut ends are double shear for strength. 
Texas Sidecar did a great job making this rig solid and stout. 
All in preparation for another ride from Key West, Florida to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska.

Mounted the auto battery box, then wired in the Odyssey car battery to the Rocket.

Kept the weight of the car battery low and inline with the rear axle.

Next was to modify the rack for the top box and aux fuel cell. 
Cut and weld till everything fits.

The five gallon spun aluminum fuel cell has baffles inside to prevent fuel sloshing. The previous tank have an anti-slosh foam, which disintegrated in Canada by the fuel additives... ethanol?

The tank in mounted off center but inline with the center of the rear fender. 
Thinking is this might make a good spot to attach a backrest. 

The Warthog project will continue...

Ride safe my friends, 



  1. Looks great! The subframe looks pretty sturdy. Is the upper-rear mounted to the frame or a lighter subframe?

    1. Great question Richard. That rear subframe is cast iron welded onto the main frame. Is designed to carry the passengers weight, so very sturdy.

  2. BTW, are you near Dallas? We are at Lake Whitney for the next couple of weeks...

    1. Richard, we live in the NW corner of Houston. Away from the heavy traffic areas. Give me a shout if you guys can get down this way.

  3. That's quite the beast in the making....will it be assuming the same nickname Nestor gave to the Suzuki Rig?

    The mounting hardware sure looks beefy!

    1. The Beast is now living in Kentucky... this is the Warthog. Quick, fast, no fat and ugly a morir.

  4. CCjon, excellent work on the warthog! Must say, the build looks pretty rock solid. Looking forward to seeing more pictures of warthog. Please add more details suggest what you do using a fuel cell and the auxillary battery for. Looks like best of riding days are yet to come. Ride safe.

    1. Glad you like the build Andrea. A lot of planning and thought has gone into this build. Many photos to follow as the build continues.

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