Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Project Warthog - Small Starts

Made just a few small changes, while waiting for more parts to arrive...

The original rear shock was removed...

A slightly longer Progressive shock was mounted. 
Note the gap between the tire and the fender in the second shot. Gained about half an inch... but wait, that's not all.

The new tires arrived the same day as the new rear shocks.

The new rear tire is narrower and taller then the stock tire. Next will take the wheels off and have a tire shop mount the new skins.

To replace that missing CAT, ordered a stubby ExtremeBlaster exhaust. The tunable type...

For louder speed, remove several disks by removing the end cap and take away several disks. For less noise and more low end torque, add more disks which creates more back pressure.

Well, off to New Mexico for a couple of weeks, trying to catch the changing of the aspen colors.

More wrenching when I return. By then more parts should have arrived.



  1. That is a huge rear tire! Enjoy your trip!

    1. Hey Richard, hope to get a lot of miles out of that fat tire.


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