Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Late September, rode the KLR Grey Phantom rig 300 miles
through east Texas to central Louisiana.

Peaceful Texas vineyard and cattle grazing

The grapes are almost ready for harvest.

The 600 mile round trip to Bunkie, Louisiana was for an annual gathering of friends and neighbors.

Although the day before the trip, preperations were interrupted by a small gathering of ONE unwelcome intruder!


The 2016 Bunkie Boucherie was our annual regional sidecar rally 

Visited with old friends and made new ones.
The sidecar community is alive and well in Texas - Louisiana.

Here is a short video of some of the sights, rigs and the activities.

As the Acadians, or Cajuns, love to say:

Laissez les bons temps rouler!

The good times do roll with a sidecar

Grey Phantom ran great, no problems cruising at 60-65 mph 
in spite of the larger 49 tooth rear sprocket. 

Am starting to like the car tire on the rear of the KLR. 



  1. Great video CCjon! A couple of the sidecar games were new to me, good stuff! Were the jousting runs timed as well for tie-breakers?

    1. Dom, We had six rings from 5" to 2" in diameter, we started the first round with the three largest rings, then used the three smallest rings for the final round. As the riders rode the course, the rings decreased in size. The plastic rings are cookie cutters set on top a PVC post. Next time I think if we varied the height of the posts it would be more challenging. Yes each of the final runs were timed.

  2. It seems that sidecars are getting to be more common or maybe I'm just noticing them more.

    1. Hey Richard, you could do a variation of the games on ice.

      The USCA is making an aggressive effort to sign up new members. It is the only national association that in any way represents the sidecar sport. It needs members to grow and develop a stronger voice for when legislatives issues arise that are adverse to sidecarists.


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