Sunday, February 2, 2014

A New Beginning All Over Again

Howdy ya'll

Well, this is another attempt at getting things organized and up online. My previous blog, Uraling Coast to Coast Challenge 2013, was well received,  (THANK YOU!!!)  but is now done and over. UCCC 2013 was limited to just that one adventure.  If you have not had the opportunity to read it, it is still available. Just click on link in the lower right hand column.

If you linked your way over from the old Blog, WELCOME! Come on in, make yourself at home.

Riding The Horizon picks up where that blog ended but will be open, or at least with no end in sight on the horizon.

Hope you enjoy my roaming, ramblings and rambling writing. Will try to make it easier for you to add your comments. Please send me your suggestions on how I can make it easier for you to follow along.

Looking backwards before we can look forward, my small book and presentations on the ride last summer were well received.  The blog photos definitely carry more impact when projected onto a large screen. Both the BMW Club of Houston and the Texas Ural Riders Division (TURD) enjoyed the slide show and talks. In a couple of weeks I present a two hour session on Overland Travel to Alaska at Lone Star College - Tomball.

Last Fall I put together a small book of photos from the trip using Shutterfly to print it. Was the first time to try Shutterfly,  mainly because they sent me a steep discount coupon if I tried them. So I did. All of my other books were printed with Blurb. Will stick with Blurb in the future.

Am satisfied with the cover art and quality of the printing. But the cost per page, even with the discount, was more than I expected.

Da'mit has taken me on a few short trips since Alaska, none out of state though.  She is still running strong, trouble-free. Will post more information on the upgrades and mods I have made on her since Alaska.

Da'mit and I are planning our next big adventure to start in May 2014. This time we will ride with another Uralist from Virginia. Will be another adventure full of historic sights, memorable places on a two lane highway that stretches to the horizon. More on that to come.

Later all, Nite Da'mit.



  1. Did you ever hear what the problem was in Idaho? Why the engine failed?

    Just curious. I like the features like 2WD and reverse but not without reliability.

    1. Richard, sorry for the delay. I started this new blog then went off on other projects. Setting it up to be ready later and ignoring it until tonight.
      No I never heard the final analysis on what caused the engine failure. The people in Redmond were so busy getting the 2014 model tested and out that I did not wish to bother them. I was just thrilled they responded so fast to my problem and got me back on the road in record time, all under warranty!!!

  2. I enjoyed your trip last year following it each day. I was stationed in Fairbanks, AK many moons ago. I have a Harley Bagger with a Harley Sidecar. Live in East TN. Looking forward to following you on your next adventure.

    1. Ron, thanks for joining in. This next ride will be more laid back with no pressure to complete within so many days. It will be another long ride though with two other Uralists.

  3. Hi Jan,

    Glad to see you have a new blog! Will you be coming out to Gulf Coast BMW for our Ural Demo Day, March 9 from 11am - 3pm? We would love to see you and Da'mit, and hear of all your exciting adventures! Thanks--Janet

    1. Janet, the cold meds I was taking made my brain fuzzy the day you called. I was really looking forward to the Ural Demo Day at Gulf Coast. Sorry I missed it. I had planned on attending after hearing so many great things about the 2014 models. Soon we will get in a test ride.......


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