Monday, May 15, 2023

Sidecars in the Smokies 2023

Each spring, there is a gathering of sidecars in North Carolina near Deal's Gap 
and the infamous Tail of the Dragon. 
The Tail is a motorcyclist's nirvana with curves after curves to enjoy.

But this year, the goal is different. 
There a few covered bridges in the Bryson City area. 
The weather was cooperating so decided to find them to photograph.

Riding with Todd Trueblood, who knows the area very well,
we first found this one in Highlands, NC. It has very interesting architectural details on the exterior.

However we could not ride across it as it was closed for floor timber replacement.

Then on Route 28, we encountered roadside the Bridal Veil Falls.

An interesting sight, as the roadway once curved back behind the falls. Now there are barricades rerouting traffic to in front of the falls.

Convinced Todd to ride around the barricade and behind the falls for the next photo. 

It wasn't so much worrying about LEOs as it was for the falling rocks.

Wear your helmet Todd!

He survived the falls without being hit by anything harder than water.

On the next day, located one more covered bridge
 at Granny Squirrel's place on Hwy 19.

This bridge could be ridden across.

Those are the keeper photos from Sidecars in the Smokies 2023. 

Until next year, 

Ride safe, ride far...



  1. The second and third photos could be used as old time National Park posters!

    1. Think you are right. Those have a 1920's feel


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